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Agusta NH90 for sale / Leonardo NH90 for sale

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Agusta NH90 for sale / Leonardo NH90 for sale

agusta 119 kx for sale

Agusta AW119 Kx for sale

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Agusta A119 Koalac for sale

Agusta A119 Koala for sale

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Agusta AW109 SP for sale

Agusta AW109 SP for sale

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Agusta A109S Grand

Agusta A109S Grand for sale

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Agusta AW109 Grand New for sale

Agusta AW109 Grand New for sale

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Agusta AW139 for sale

Agusta AW139 for sale

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2014 Agusta A119 Koala KX VIP 100 TT NEW
2011 Agusta A109E POWER Elite 690 TT
2005 Agusta A109E Power 450 TT
2003 Agusta A109E Power 1664 TT
2003 Agusta A109E Power 2000 TT
2012/13 Agusta AW109SP Grand New 240 TT
2007 Agusta A109S Grand 1677 TT
2012 Agusta AW139 780 TT Offshore

2014 PZL SW-4 Corporate 20 TT New
2012 PZL SW-4 Corporate 220 TT

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2014 Agusta A119 KX Koala
2009 Agusta A119 KE Koala
2014 Agusta AW109SP
2014 Agusta AW139 (Offshore or VIP)
2014 PZl SW-4
2014 PZL W3A Sokol
PZL Mi-2

Other aircraft may be available for leasing upon request subject to availability.


Agusta NH90 for sale / Leonardo NH90 for sale

In the year 1985, five countries have signed an agreement to work together on the creation of a NATO helicopter — the so-called NH90. In the work process of the five countries in the draft remained France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. United Kingdom withdrew from the project in the year 1987. Firm Eurocopter France, Eurocopter Deutshland, Agusta and Fokker actively began to work towards the creation of the helicopter. But due to a subsequent change in the industry and a long process of development of the helicopter at the time of production project participants remained Eurocopter, Agusta Westland and Stork Fokker.

Basic modifications

The NH90 was conceived from the outset in two variants: combat helicopter maritime purpose NFH (NATO Frigate Helicopter) and freight landing TTH (Tactical Transport Helicopter). Customers in the partner countries and the many potential buyers from abroad were showing various modifications of these basic models.

NH90-NFH anti-submarine helicopter for ship-and action from the deck of the ship, including small ships. It can be considered a substitute for helicopters such as the Lynx or AB 212ASW, but it has greater capacity than these obsolete machines. Leadership in the development of NFH belonged firm Agusta. TTN was originally a landing by helicopter but could be equipped for search and rescue operations (SAR), including in combat conditions (CSAR), as well as to conduct electronic warfare (EW) and transport of VIPs. Development of CMR took over the firm Eurocopter Deutshland.

In December 1990 the year remaining partners signed a letter of intent covering the full development, and in 1992 year agreed to create a joint venture, NH Industries for the development, production and sale of the NH90 helicopter. However, the increase in the total value of the entire joint project led to his suspension in May 1994 onwards, but in July, after agreeing the cost, he resumed. After this first sample performed its mission December 18, 1995 year, second-year March 19, 1997. The result of special modifications of NFH and CMR three prototypes as well as refinement of digital flight control system and a basic set of avionics. At the beginning of the programme, it was envisaged that the first helicopters will go into service in 1999, but the delay in signing the contract until March 2000 year moved the initial German troops delivered helicopters CMR until December 2006 year.

New buyers

By March 2008 the year NH Industries complied with orders to 507 helicopters NH90 and 158 items of additional equipment from 14 countries. This solid figure was the result of not only the desires of NH Industries derive from their base modifications to meet the demands of countries-buyers, but also served to camouflage the fact that even in the final stages of a program’s execution had been delayed or suspended. So, the German certification was TTN 2006 year deferred for 18 months, while the Dutch awaiting NFH in July 2009 year.

March NH90 order consisted of no more than 25 modifications over five assembly lines in Australia, Finland, Germany, Italy and Spain. Order from France totalled 27 machines, 12 NFH helicopters for army and TTN 56 items of additional equipment for transport modifications; Italy has ordered 70 machines TTN, 46 NFH machines and equipment to modify TTH/CSAR; Germany-57 helicopters TTN and 54 additional equipment names, as well as 23 CMR machines (with equipment modification CSAR); Holland-20 NFH helicopters; Portugal-10 helicopters TTN; Finland — 20 transport helicopters TTT (with transmission from the company SAAB); Norway — 6 ASW machines and machines for 8 Coast Guard (with 10 sets of GG on request); Sweden-13 helicopters TTT/SAR and ASW machines 5 (with seven names of additional equipment), all with new “high cabins”; Greece-16 standard and 4 CMR machines (with 14 names of additional equipment) use to perform special operations; Oman-20 helicopters TTN; Australia-12 multi-purpose helicopters MRH based on CMR; Spain-45 cars modifications of TTN and NFH; New Zealand — up to 8 machines MRH90 standard; Belgium — on 4 machines modifications TTN and NFH.

Helicopter development began in 1984 year after establishing defense ministries of France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom requirements for prospective helicopter to armies and navies of NATO. The helicopter was designated NH-90 (NATO Helicopter)- helicopter for NATO. In 1987 year the United Kingdom refused to participate in the program of the development of the helicopter. In the year 1992 was formed consortium NH industries, which incorporated the company “Agusta” (26.9%), Eurocopter Deutschland “(24%), Eurocopter France (42.4%) and Fokker (6.7%). Planned construction of five experienced helicopters for one helicopter for flight and static tests. helicopter first prototype built in France and first flew on December 18, 1995 year. first mass-produced helicopter Deliveries are scheduled after 2000 years. it is envisaged to build 544 helicopter in the transport version for the armies of France, Germany/Italy and the Netherlands and 182 in the maritime helicopter variant for navies.

Two versions were developed: tactical transport helicopter helicopter TTH(Tactical Transport Helicopter)- equipped with movable lighting ramp in the rear fuselage; helicopter-launched ship NFH (NATO Helicopter Fregat)- for anti-submarine warfare and surface targets, can also be used as search and rescue and transport. In a helicopter for the Italian Navy can accommodate engines General Electric-Kzt700 T6E.

DESIGN. Single-rotor Helicopter with two schema of GTD and removed tricycle-equipped landing gear.

The fuselage has a construction made entirely of MILES; to reduce the effective surface scattering when exposed to the RADAR side surfaces of the fuselage are made in the form of flat faces, as on bmp; most important components and assemblies are protected.

Rotor chetyrehlopastnyj, bessharnirnym, mount blade with titanium sleeve and jelastomernymm elastic elements; the blade rectangular in plan, with chord 0.65 m, made of KM, a marine version of the helicopter blades are folded automatically.

Tail rotor 3.3 m diameter, chetyrehlopastnyj, linkless cab; the blades with 0.32 m chord, constructed from similar in design to the km and the main rotor blades.

Powerplant consists of two turboshaft engines RTM 322-01/9 engine control system digital FADEC. Dry mass of the engine 240kg; length 1.17 m; diameter of 0.6 m.

Fuel system includes protektirovannye fuel tanks, samozatjagivajushhiesja when hit bullets of caliber 12.7 mm, placed at the bottom of the fuselage.

Chassis tricycle landing gear, with the bow prop plane safely destructible, front support two-wheel, core-file.

Control System Quad aircraft flight, with lateral control levers.

NH-90 refers to a single schema helicopters. He has four-flap bearing and Steering propellers in flight contractile trehstoechnoe wheeled chassis and dvuhdvigatel’nuju power plant. In the construction of the fuselage are widely used composite materials, thus reducing the mass of the helicopter at 20% over estimated and the amount of detail is at 70% and reduced radar signature. In addition, to reduce the visibility of helicopters in the radar band of electromagnetic waves of lateral surface of the fuselage van image flat panels located under the fragile etc to a friend that provides radar reflection ch signal up or down and drastically reduces the formation of electromagnetic energy flow directed on obluchajushhuju radar.

Depending on the purpose of the helicopter, the cockpit is equipped with 2-4 jobs for crew members. The transport option in the cargo compartment is provided transportation to 20 paratroopers with the weapon or up to 2T of cargo. When the helicopter is equipped with a rear cargo ramp. In anti-submarine variant in the cargo compartment is placed special equipment and armament.

The powerplant consists of two turboval’n’gh RTM 322 engines production firms Rolls-Royce and Turbomeca (takeoff power 1484kVt). RTM 322 engines have a modular design and fitted with electronic control system with integrated control and fault finding. This management system optimizes engine characteristics in all operating modes. In order to ensure a high combat survivability and safety motors have extraordinary mode allowing to continue the flight in case of a complete failure of one of them. In places of fastening of the powerplant mounted bronze clamps and mesh metal coating for protection from lightning discharges. Protektirovannyh capacity of fuel tanks is 1900 kg.


Agusta NH90 for sale / Leonardo NH90 for sale – Get commercial proposal

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