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Agusta AW149 for sale / Leonardo AW149 for sale

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Agusta AW149 for sale / Leonardo AW149 for sale

Agusta A149 for sale

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agusta 119 kx for sale

Agusta AW119 Kx for sale

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agusta aw009 for sale

Agusta AW009 for sale

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agusta aw119 ke for sale

Agusta AW119 Ke for sale

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Agusta A119 Koalac for sale

Agusta A119 Koala for sale

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agusta aw109 TREKKER for sale

Agusta AW109 Trekker for sale

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agusta aw101 for sale

Agusta AW101 for sale

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Agusta AW109 SP for sale

Agusta AW109 SP for sale

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agusta aw109 power for sale

Agusta AW109 Power for sale

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agusta aw139 for sale

Agusta AW139 for sale

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Agusta A109S Grand

Agusta A109S Grand for sale

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agusta aw119 kx for sale

Agusta AW119 Kx for sale

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agusta aw149 for sale

Agusta AW149 for sale

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Agusta AW109 Grand New for sale

Agusta AW109 Grand New for sale

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agusta aw169 for sale

Agusta AW169 for sale

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Agusta AW139 for sale

Agusta AW139 for sale

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agusta aw189 for sale

Agusta AW189 for sale

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Agusta helicopter avaliable for sale


2014 Agusta A119 Koala KX VIP 100 TT NEW
2011 Agusta A109E POWER Elite 690 TT
2005 Agusta A109E Power 450 TT
2003 Agusta A109E Power 1664 TT
2003 Agusta A109E Power 2000 TT
2012/13 Agusta AW109SP Grand New 240 TT
2007 Agusta A109S Grand 1677 TT
2012 Agusta AW139 780 TT Offshore

2014 PZL SW-4 Corporate 20 TT New
2012 PZL SW-4 Corporate 220 TT

Agusta helicopter avaliable for lease and fractional ownership.


2014 Agusta A119 KX Koala
2009 Agusta A119 KE Koala
2014 Agusta AW109SP
2014 Agusta AW139 (Offshore or VIP)
2014 PZl SW-4
2014 PZL W3A Sokol
PZL Mi-2

Other aircraft may be available for leasing upon request subject to availability.


Agusta AW149 for sale / Leonardo AW149 for sale

Company Agusta Westland in the 2009 year has finished construction of a new multipurpose helicopter AW149. Despite the fact that the AW149 was selected draft civil helicopter AW139, it represents a nearly new car. Modification of the AW149 different extended fuselage, transmission and engines of increased power. Optimized for military helicopter market and is designed for 24-hour flights in all weather conditions.

AW149 is developed in accordance with the requirements of the Italian Air Force on new car middle class for search and rescue operations. It is intended for the carriage of passengers, freight transportation, search and rescue operations, control and communications, fire support, reconnaissance and surveillance operations, medical evacuation, etc.

The first prototype flew helicopters in November 13, 2009 Verdzhiate of the year, the second helicopter with modified drivetrain and engines FROM GE-2e1 ST7 capacity 2000 HP (1491 kW) with FADEC system and a completely new transmission system, as well as pjatilopastnym airscrew with low vibration and noise appeared in the 2010 year.

AW149 lifting capacity 8 tons, equipped with a fully digital AVIONICS SUITE with an open architecture, fully integrated with special equipment, modern glass cockpit and chetyrehosevym autopilot designed for operations in a modern theatre. The helicopter is equipped with data transfer bus standard MIL STD-1553B with condition monitoring vital system of units and systems (HUMS), onboard speech drives and drives, the flight data recorder, RADAR and armament subsystems, anterior view (FLIR), it is possible to install the meteorological RADAR. The cabin is fully aligned with the night vision goggles.

AW149 has the ability to perform round-the-clock operations in all weather conditions with the use of specialized AVIONICS and cabin availability, combined with night vision tools. Deicing system for rotor will be offered as an option.

AW149, designed with an open architecture, the future will be equipped with promising equipment and systems at the customer’s request in order to perform a wide range of tasks and move from one task to another. In addition, it can be improved to meet future requirements. Promising sensors and communication/data line provide enhanced situational awareness in a network system.

Long cabin volume 12.40 M3 can hold up to 18 troops, there are 2720 kg cargo hook cargo and external lift with a lifting capacity of 272 kg. Other innovations: protection system with wires, separators for removal of foreign particles at the inlet to the engine, fuel system and a closed convex cabin portholes. AW149 is perfect for a wide variety of tasks, including transport of military personnel, participation in combat and logistics operations, provide fire support, search and rescue operations in conventional and combat conditions, special forces operations, observation, reconnaissance, medical evacuation, command control and communications, delivery of cargoes on external racks, transporting troops type VIP.

The helicopter can be used to support troops on the battlefield and deliver troops, cargo transportation on the sling, medical evacuation, search and rescue during the fighting (CSAR), special forces operations, intelligence and C3 (command, control and communications).

The armament of the helicopter will allow him to fight armoured targets and implement fire support of infantry on the battlefield. The extension brackets (both n-60), you can hang magazines with UNGUIDED ROCKETS, weapons and containers air-to-surface missiles and air-to-surface missiles. In the Windows of the cab can be fitted with machine-guns.

In 2011 a company Finmeccanica (inbound to Agusta Westland) announced the selection of a new auxiliary power unit e-APU60 production of Microturbo (Safran Group) developed by taking into account the needs of “more electric” aircraft of the new generation, to equip a new generation of medium multipurpose helicopter AW149. The main features of e-APU60, that the criteria for this selection are: better power to weight ratio, exceptional compactness, rational architecture and high pressure cycle, which founded high technology, guaranteeing high reliability, low operating costs and excellent performance. e-APU60, capable of producing up to 60 kW electric power will provide electric start engines (on land and in the case of an engine failure in flight), as well as warm up cabins.

Agusta Westland sales offers an adapted version of the AW-149, which received national designation TUHP-145, in the framework of Vershbow Turkey tender on supply of 115 multipurpose helicopter. As expected, the Secretariat of the Turkish defense industry (SSM) will decide on the winner of the contest before the end of the year. Rival Agusta Westland supports the American company “Sikorsky” project with the S-70 Black Hawk “. The key advantage of offers “Agusta/Westland” is the ability to virtually unlimited transfer of technology production helicopter. Under the terms of the agreement, the winner of the tender would be required to deploy two assembly lines of helicopters, one of which will be placed in Turkey. The helicopters will be assembled by Turkish aerospace industries. It is expected that the company will fully produce all components of the helicopter after the completion of the delivery of the first 78 cars. The production programme TUHP-145 will also be attended by the Turkish company “ASELSAN, Havelsan” “,” “,” Turkish “Roketsan Engin industries.



Modification AW. 149
Rotor diameter, m 14.60
Tail rotor diameter, m 2.90
Length, m 17.57
Height, m 5.15.
Width, m 3.02
Mass, kg
blank 2720
Max takeoff 8600
Engine type 2 TBG General Electric CT7 file-2E1
Power, HP 2 x 2000
Maximum speed, km/h 310
Cruising speed, km/h 278
Range, km 950
Rate of climb, m/min
Service ceiling, m 6095
Static ceiling, m
Crew, pers 1-2
Payload: 18 soldiers or 2720 kg of cargo on Sling
Armament: 7.62-mm machine gun shooting from the window of a helicopter
on the sling:
containers with 12.7 mm machine gun or 20 mm cannon
PU-70 or 81 mm NUR


Agusta AW149 for sale / Leonardo AW149 for sale – Get commercial proposal

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