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Agusta AW139 for sale / Leonardo AW139 for sale

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Agusta AW139 for sale / Leonardo AW139 for sale

agusta 119 kx for sale

Agusta AW119 Kx for sale

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Agusta A119 Koala for sale

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Agusta AW109 SP for sale

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Agusta A109S Grand for sale

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Agusta AW109 Grand New for sale

Agusta AW109 Grand New for sale

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Agusta AW139 for sale

Agusta AW139 for sale

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2014 Agusta A119 Koala KX VIP 100 TT NEW
2011 Agusta A109E POWER Elite 690 TT
2005 Agusta A109E Power 450 TT
2003 Agusta A109E Power 1664 TT
2003 Agusta A109E Power 2000 TT
2012/13 Agusta AW109SP Grand New 240 TT
2007 Agusta A109S Grand 1677 TT
2012 Agusta AW139 780 TT Offshore

2014 PZL SW-4 Corporate 20 TT New
2012 PZL SW-4 Corporate 220 TT

Agusta helicopter avaliable for lease and fractional ownership.


2014 Agusta A119 KX Koala
2009 Agusta A119 KE Koala
2014 Agusta AW109SP
2014 Agusta AW139 (Offshore or VIP)
2014 PZl SW-4
2014 PZL W3A Sokol
PZL Mi-2

Other aircraft may be available for leasing upon request subject to availability.

Agusta AW139 for sale / Leonardo AW139 for sale

Helicopter company AgustaWestland AW139 is a multi-purpose helicopter so-called intermediate class classic single-rotor circuit with pjatilopastnym airscrew, chetyrehlopastnym tail steering wheel screw and chassis. The helicopter is considered one of the best in its class for speed, high rate and volume of passenger cabins.

AgustaWestland AW139 — English-Italian twin-engine multipurpose helicopter. Developed by Agusta and Bell Helicopters under the designation of the Agusta-Bell AB139, however, after exiting the bell company was renamed.

AW139 is a medium twin-engine helicopter of the new generation, which has a high flight performance, and unmatched security settings.

Helicopter created by the Italian company Agusta using a carrier system, engines and transmissions helicopter A the same company. The first flight took place in February 2001.

The AW 139 is the only helicopter in its class that is fully consistent with the latest amendments to the rules of the Federal aviation administration and European aviation safety Agency. In addition, in terms of security, for this helicopter provides protection from electromagnetic pulses, electromagnetic interference and strong electromagnetic fields.

AW 139 — the only helicopter in its weight category, which can be equipped with integrated anti-icing and develop with cruising speed of 309 km/h.

AW139 is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6C-67C with FADEC system. AW139 equipped with a rotor with five blades and a tail rotor with four blades on elastomeric bearings with optimized profiles and rotation speed. AW139 provides increased comfort, reduced vibration and noise.

The size of the cabin of the helicopter is 8 square meters, and the Luggage compartment is 3.4 square meters. These indicators provide AW139 maximum versatility and high performance efficiency. The standard configuration includes 12 seats in the cockpit, equipped with all necessary equipment, the entrance to which is through a wide sliding door. VIP configuration assumes various kinds of interior (4 seats and 2 locker or perhaps 8 seats and 1 locker), seats, interior and entertainment systems (multifunction displays) to meet the demands of customers.

In June of 2008 in Russia, started the official exclusive distributor of AgustaWestland in Russia and the CIS «Exclases Holdings Ltd.»

6 November 2008 «Oboronprom» and the Italian company AgustaWestland signed an agreement on the creation in Russia of a joint venture for the Assembly of the AW139 helicopter model. Later a joint venture was created (Helivert), the owners of which were the Russian holding company «Helicopters of Russia» (40 %) and AgustaWestland (60 %)[1].

June 22, 2010 in Tomilino (Moscow region), construction of a plant for the Assembly of AW139[2]. In December 2012, Heliberto» was assembled the first helicopter[3], which first took to the air on 19 December 2012.

It was planned that the annual production volume will be 15-20 helicopters, but for the last year and a half (as of June 2014) the plant was delivered only two helicopters in VIP configuration, seven were in the Assembly shop. The catalogue price of AW139 is about 8.5 million US dollars[4].

December 31, 2014, there were reports that Rosneft, rostec and Finmeccanica signed trilateral agreement for strategic partnership, under which the parties will establish a joint venture, HeliVert, and Rosneft will become the new partner of the Russian-Italian joint venture, will form the anchor order and become a pilot customer. By 2025 HeliVert plans to manufacture and supply of «Rosneft» 160 AW189 helicopters. In accordance with the agreements reached will be assembling, delivery, after-sales service and training. Within the project it is also planned to provide localization of production AW189 in Russia gradually until 2025. General Director of Rostec Sergey Chemezov noted that the project will be implemented on the basis of an agreement on exclusive licenses to the enterprise «HeliVert» production of these helicopters, their sale in Russia and CIS countries.

Helicopter Agusta AW139 is a new generation of helicopters of the middle class with two engines. Speed, volume of the passenger cabin and flight qualities of this helicopter is one of the best among the models of a similar type. Agusta 139 was designed based on the helicopter And 129; in the design were taken into account amendments to the rules of the Federal aviation administration and the European Agency for aviation security. This economical, versatile and reliable vehicle for travel over short and long distances. The helicopter is equipped with protection from icing, electromagnetic pulses and interference. The machine can reach speeds of up to 310 miles per hour.

The spacious cabin can accommodate 15 passengers; in the Luggage compartment can be accessed both from the outside and from the passenger compartment. The ratio of the power of Pratt&Whitney PT6C-67C and weight allow the helicopter to operate in a wide range of climatic conditions. Helicopter Agusta 139 equipped with the latest equipment: Honeywell Primus Epic, LCD displays, chetyrehluchevoy autopilot. This machine with a five-blade rotor, a wheeled chassis and four-bladed tail tail rotor is multi — purpose and can be operated in different ways.

AW139 — two motor transport helicopter of the same class, the Bell 412 and Sikorsky S-70. It embodies many new technical solutions, and he actively marketed for export.

Development AW139 began with the project of the company «Agusta-Bell» AV. The prototype of this machine first flew on 3 February 2001 at the factory airfield «Agusta» in Vergiate. The first production helicopter was in the air on 24 June 2002, and deliveries began in 2003.

Designation changed on AW139, when the «Bell» sold his share of the company «Westland» and withdrew from the project. In 2007 opened a second factory in Philadelphia to service the American market. Currently, the helicopter operates in some 30 countries.

In 2004-2006 AW139 participated in the competition announced by the U.S. Army on the light utility helicopter (to replace more than 300 aging UH-1 and HE-58). AgustaWestland put model L-3 Communications, but lost the UH-72A Lakota, created on the basis of Eurocopter AS.

The AW139 is composed of fewer parts than the earlier car of the same company. His strengths also lie in the application of integrated avionics and availability of all systems that simplifies maintenance. Retractable landing gear and a modern five-blade main rotor ensure a smooth and quick flight.

AW139 helicopter can be used for a wide range of applications, including exclusive and VIP‑modifikacii, poiskovo‑spasatel’nye and medical EMS/SAR configuration, maritime operations, fire fighting.

AW139-the new designation of the previous helicopter of the AB139 family. It is a modern twin-engine helicopter of the last generation that has contractile absorbing landing gear, fuselage and chairs meeting modern tough safety standards. The cockpit provides an excellent overview for pilots.

Passenger cabin has a significant volume and can accommodate up to 15 passengers. In the VIP configuration, passengers are accommodated with exceptional comfort. In the baggage compartment can transport bulky items.
Designed to meet the highest safety requirements, the helicopter is equipped with two engines P & W PT6C-67 (c) with a digital engine control system (FADEC). Digital avionics Honeywell Primus Epic provides the highest efficiency and reliability control. Today it is one of the most modern and effective helicopters in the world.

AW139 helicopter is capable of carrying up to 15 passengers at top speed, spacious and comfortable cabin in its class. Access to the luggage compartment is possible both inside and outside the helicopter.

Pratt & Whitney PT6C‑67C Motors provide high power to weight ratio, allowing you to fully comply with the requirements of “А” category and work without any restrictions in a wide range of conditions.

The AW139 helicopter used modern equipment: Honeywell Primus Epic system with fully integrated avionics system, 4th-axis autopilot, large ZhK‑displei. A comprehensive system of protection against icing is available as an option.

Corporate/VIP AW139 helicopter is equipped with a spacious cabin and luggage compartment opened using the best materials. Ultralow vibration and noise create a high level of comfort.

AW‑139 EMS/SAR is a modification of the helicopter designed to transport patients. On Board of the machine can be transported two survivors and a team of five health workers. Cabin design is designed in such a way as to ensure unhindered access of medical personnel to patients, also conveniently connect all devices. Flight deck, as in previous models, isolated from the cabin space.

Modification of AW‑139 FIRE FIGHTING is more carrying capacity, thus providing a more effective at putting out fires. Cargo helicopter can be transported in two ways: as a wall or on the sling.

Ability to work on one engine and the flight range is used in the work of the coast guard, as well as at seaports.

Distinctive features of AW 139 in the configuration of “offshore”. Integrated system anti-icing allows passenger transportation (up to 15 people) and transportation of cargoes in any weather.

The development of firm’s project began with the AW139 “Agusta-Bell” AV139. The prototype of this machine first flew February 3, 2001 year on factory airfield “Agusta” in Verdzhiate. The first serial helicopter took off June 24, 2002 year, and deliveries began in 2003-m. Helicopter built using load bearing systems, engines and transmissions A129 helicopters of the same company.

The designation changed to AW139 when “Bell” has sold his share of the firm “Westland” and withdrew from the project. In 2007 a second plant, was opened in Philadelphia to serve the American market. Currently, the helicopter is operated in about 30 countries.

In 2004-2006 years AW139 participated in the competition held by the United States Army light helicopter of general purpose (to replace more than 300 aging UH-1 and OH-58). “AgustaWestland” exhibited the model L-3 Communications, but lost to UH-72A Lakota, Eurocopter based ES635 created.

AW139 helicopter consists of a smaller number of parts and components than earlier machines of the same firm. Its advantages are also applying the integrated avionics and accessibility to all systems that simplifies maintenance. Contractile chassis and modern pjatilopastnyj rotor ensures a smooth and fast flight.

Two engines Pratt & Whitney (Canada) RT6S-67S with 1531 HP (1142 kW) offer impressive specifications helicopter with a maximum takeoff weight of 6400 kg. AW139 has higher thrust-than any other medium twin-engine helicopter in its class, and has a high cruising speed of load in all options, even in difficult weather conditions. Full protection against icing is available as an option.

Helicopter fully meets the most stringent international standards. This allowed it to category “a” (the ability to fly with full weight on a single engine) without limitation in a wide range of operating conditions, including in hot and mountainous climate. It is a useful quality paved the way for the helicopter to the markets of middle and far East.

AW139 set a record of flight safety that has an important role for consumers with the need to fly over the sea, for example, providing transportation between the shore and oil rigs.

Standard configuration, involves 12 seats in the cabin, equipped with all necessary equipment, entrance to which is carried out through wide sliding doors. VIP configuration involves different types of Interior (4 seats and 2 locker or, for example, 8 seats and 1 locker (our version)), seats, trim, and entertainment systems (multifunction displays) for customer satisfaction.

Salon size helicopter is 8 square metres and luggage compartment-3.4 square meters.

In the future it is anticipated upgrade to AW139 solutions of various civil and military tasks, including those you intend to use it as a corporate and VIP transport.

Helicopter quality make it perfect for rescue (he holds up to six stretchers and four paramedics) and search and rescue operations. The machine is widely used in the coast guard, to supply the oil platforms and vessels for delivery to the port pilots. This versatile helicopter can be used when extinguishing fires, perform military and police functions.

AW-139 is the only helicopter in its class, which fully complies with the latest amendments to the Federal Aviation Administration and the European Aviation Safety Agency. In addition, the security situation for this helicopter provides protection from electromagnetic interference, electromagnetic pulses and powerful electromagnetic fields.

In June 2008 year in Russia started official AgustaWestland distributor in Russia and CIS Exclases Holdings Ltd.
November 6, 2008 year oboronprom and Italian company “AugustaWestland” signed an agreement establishing a joint venture in Russia to assemble helicopters AW139 models. In the future, the joint venture was established (ZAO “Helivert has been registered”), which became co-owners of the Russian holding “Russia Helicopters” (40%) and “Augusta Westland” (60%).
June 22, 2010 year in Moscow (Moscow region) started construction of a plant for the Assembly of AW139. In December 2012 the year the HeliVerte was assembled the first helicopter (which first flew on December 19, 2012 year).
Planned annual production volume will amount to 15-20 helicopters, but for a year and a half of work (as of June 2014 years) plant was supplied only two helicopters in VIP, another seven were in aeroengine. Index rate ranges from AW139 14 million euros

Max. takeoff weight: 6.800 kg (with extra option, and so total 6400)
Max payload: 3050 kg
Maximum speed, km/h 310
Cruising speed, km/h 278
Range, km 1061
Flight endurance, h. ..
Rate of climb, m/s 10.9
Dynamic ceiling-6.069 m
The ceiling in O.E.I. mode-3.536 m
Stuck in the mode of IGE-4.682 m
Stuck in a mode of OGE-2.478 m
Flights in category a for vertical take-off and landing scheme-945 m
Maximum length-16.66 m
Maximum height-4.98 m
Screw diameter-13.80 m
Fuel system (STD. 1 254)-1.568 litres
Fuel system (STD. 1 654)-2.068 litres
Crew/passengers-1 or 2 pilot, 12-15 passengers, the standard number of passengers in VIP-configuration 6-8
Powerplant-2 x Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6C-67 (c)
The maximum permissible power-takeoff mode AEO-2 x 1.679 HP

 Agusta AW139 for sale / Leonardo AW139 for sale – Get commercial proposal

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