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Agusta AW109 Power for sale / Leonardo AW109 Power for sale

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Agusta AW109 Power for sale / Leonardo AW109 Power for sale

agusta 119 kx for sale

Agusta AW119 Kx for sale

0 ttaf (New)
Price on request

agusta aw009 for sale

Agusta AW009 for sale

0 ttaf (New)
Price on request

agusta aw119 ke for sale

Agusta AW119 Ke for sale

715 ttaf
Price on request

Agusta A119 Koalac for sale

Agusta A119 Koala for sale

825 ttaf
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agusta aw109 TREKKER for sale

Agusta AW109 Trekker for sale

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agusta aw101 for sale

Agusta AW101 for sale

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Agusta AW109 SP for sale

Agusta AW109 SP for sale

365 ttaf
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agusta aw109 power for sale

Agusta AW109 Power for sale

438 ttaf
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agusta aw139 for sale

Agusta AW139 for sale

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Agusta A109S Grand

Agusta A109S Grand for sale

540 ttaf
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agusta aw119 kx for sale

Agusta AW119 Kx for sale

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agusta aw149 for sale

Agusta AW149 for sale

305 ttaf
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Agusta AW109 Grand New for sale

Agusta AW109 Grand New for sale

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agusta aw169 for sale

Agusta AW169 for sale

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Agusta AW139 for sale

Agusta AW139 for sale

2571 ttaf
Price on request

agusta aw189 for sale

Agusta AW189 for sale

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Price on request

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  • Delivery to the destination (through the customs posts, if necessary)
  • Payment of customs duties
  • Payment of import VAT (if required)
  • Build, test and fly a helicopter
  • Instruction and maintenance manual helicopter

Customization of your order

  • Technical inspection prior to sale of Agusta helicopter
  • Change the configuration of the helicopter (if necessary)
  • The complete documentation package for the operation of the helicopter in the territory of any country in the world
  • Encoding emergency beacon

Transaction support

  • The individual finding the necessary models and configurations of the Bell helicopter
  • Personal meetings and negotiations with the customer, anticipating the purchase of a helicopter
  • Expert advice on choice of models and configurations under personal conditions
  • Training of pilots

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Agusta helicopter avaliable for sale


2014 Agusta A119 Koala KX VIP 100 TT NEW
2011 Agusta A109E POWER Elite 690 TT
2005 Agusta A109E Power 450 TT
2003 Agusta A109E Power 1664 TT
2003 Agusta A109E Power 2000 TT
2012/13 Agusta AW109SP Grand New 240 TT
2007 Agusta A109S Grand 1677 TT
2012 Agusta AW139 780 TT Offshore

2014 PZL SW-4 Corporate 20 TT New
2012 PZL SW-4 Corporate 220 TT

Agusta helicopter avaliable for lease and fractional ownership.


2014 Agusta A119 KX Koala
2009 Agusta A119 KE Koala
2014 Agusta AW109SP
2014 Agusta AW139 (Offshore or VIP)
2014 PZl SW-4
2014 PZL W3A Sokol
PZL Mi-2

Other aircraft may be available for leasing upon request subject to availability.


Agusta AW109 Power for sale / Leonardo AW109 Power for sale

A 109 Power — multipurpose twin-engine helicopter that provides the highest level of performance and operational efficiency. Best aerodynamics and powerful engines give A 109 Power speed and range is not available for other helicopters.

Helicopter single-rotor designwith a tail rotor, twoGTE andtreponemchassis.

The fuselage isall-metaltype aluminum semimonocoque which hadalloysand a coveringwith ahoneycomb core, consists of fourcompartments:

Nose conewith equipment
Double crew cabin
The tail boommonotonouslydesign

AgustaАW109Hirundo(swallow) / AW109 Power/ Grand / New Grand— the family oflight utility helicopter, designed by the Italian firm Agusta» (AgustaWestland) in the late 1960ies.The firstdeliveriesbegan in1976.For the period from 1976to 2000was supplied576helicoptersof various modificationsinthe differentcountries of the world. In 1972,on the basis of Hirundobegan the development oflight combatandreconnaissance helicopterAgustaA129Mangusta.

The Italian firm Agusta», produced under license from American helicopters bell 47 and 206 and Sikorsky S-61, in the late 1960s began to develop its own helicopter for civil and military applications. Helicopter AA was designed with a single turboshaft engine Turbomeca Astazou XII with shaft power 515 kW/690 HP In 1967 it was converted into two turboshaft engine Allison 250-C14 with shaft power 276 kW/370 HP each. Helicopter with one pilot had to carry seven passengers with Luggage at a cruising speed of 265 km/h at a distance of 600 kilometers. The first of four prototypes took to the air on 4 August 1971. This was followed by refinement.

AW109A — basic modification, in June 1981 on the helicopter set world records for skoropadenko;
AW109A Mk.2 — the development of the A109A helicopter with a large fuselage and GTE Allison 250-C20 takeoff with a capacity of 335 kW/380 HP, deliveries began in 1981;
AW109C and A109CM — improved versions of the helicopter with increased take-off weight up to 2700 kg and rotor blades made of composite materials;
AW109EOA — light reconnaissance and attack helicopter, can be used for guidance and control, radio interception and electronic warfare, police force and also the Navy as anti-submarine helicopter;
AW109K — helicopter with more powerful engines, Turbomeca «Arriel» 1K1, has better high altitude performance and is adapted for operation in hot climates, is intended for military use in the middle East and Africa;

AW109KM — military version of the helicopter A109K, can be used as anti-tank and reconnaissance for the control connection;
AW109KN — deck option for the-horizon targeting armed with anti-ship guided missiles;
AW109K2 — search and rescue version for Switzerland police who ordered 15 helicopters equipped with a rescue hoist with a lifting capacity of 200 kg and a cargo hook, certified in 1996;
AW109F — development A109E with glass cockpit;
AW109PM — military option A109E with GTE Pratt-Whitney PW206C, in the version with arms ordered for parts of the U.S. coast guard;
AW109E (AW109Power) — modern model. Was first presented at the aerospace exhibition in Paris in 1995, GTE equipped Pratt & Whitney Canada PW206C, the rotor has a titanium sleeve with elastomeric bearings;
AW109S GRAND — new modification A109E Power. Take-off mass of 3175 kg.
Modern models AW109Power and Grand have a great selection of interior options and additional equipment, which makes possible the use as a corporate or VIP transport, as well as for the needs of emergency medical services or transport of personnel to offshore platforms. Equipped with gas turbine engines Pratt & Whitney engines with electronic control system FADEC having a relatively low fuel consumption. High level security is provided by the durable design of the glider — type cocoon in addition to shock-resistant fuel system and shock-proof seats for pilots and passengers.

Main and tail propellers made of composite materials that have optimized geometrical parameters, which allows to achieve high aerodynamic stability and reduce the noise level to a level lower than required by the ICAO standards. The cost of scheduled maintenance is greatly reduced by reducing the number of fast-wearing parts and increasing the intervals between overhauls.

Modification :


The elegance of the interior design and functionality, high-speed and smooth flight comfort on Board the helicopter. The most modern instrumentation-based multi-mode electronic displays. A large area of glazing of the passenger cabin creates the perfect all-round visibility. Sliding door of the passenger compartment are driven by a motor, a vertical stabilizer mounted antenna for satellite communications. Retractable landing gear equipped with floodlights for landing and taxiing.


Medical version of the helicopter can carry two patients placed on a stretcher in the cabin isolated from the cockpit. Patients may be accompanied by 2 or 3 medical worker. The cabin of the helicopter equipped for medical evacuation equipment, oxygen system and power supply system.


The Power can be equipped with a new fire suppression system Fire Attack System Model 325 company Symplex , or a more traditional basket on an external sling. The model 325 has a shape with a low aerodynamic resistance and adapted for use at high flight speeds to ensure operational firefighting. The whole system can be installed or removed in less than 15 minutes, without the use of special tools.


Model A 109 Power HPS has set new standards of safety, operational flexibility and versatility. Modification is equipped with three seats in the rear cabin of the helicopter and one Central rotating operator’s seat electric winches. The model used by the coast guard, serves for the delivery of inspection teams and pilots on Board ships to increase the performance of ports.


With a speed and flight range, high power, model A 109 is fitted with special equipment for operations in order to ensure the rule of law. A large range of installed equipment allows the use of a helicopter in the most difficult conditions.


The fastest helicopter in its class, a Power is certified for flights in adverse weather conditions under the control of a single pilot. Provides a takeoff with one operating engine with marine platforms platforms without reducing the payload. For operation in open sea can be equipped with optional float chassis.


Crew: 1-2 people
Seating capacity: 6-7 people
Length: 13,04 m
Fuselage length: 11,44 m
Main rotor diameter: 11.0 m
The tail rotor diameter: 2.0 m
Height: 3.5 m (with tail rotor)
The area of the swept rotor: 95,03 m2
Wing profile: NACA 23011
Base chassis: 3,535 m
Wheel track: 2.45 m
Empty weight: 1570 kg
Maximum takeoff weight: 2850 kg
suspension: 3000 kg
The payload mass on the suspension: 1000 kg
The volume of fuel tanks: 605 l (+265 l 2 additional tanks)
Powerplant: 2 × turboshaft Pratt & Whitney Canada PW206C
Power engines: 2 x 640 HP (2 × 477 kW (takeoff))
The size of the cargo compartment

Width: 1,61 m
Useful volume: 5,1 m2
Flight characteristics

Maximum speed: 311 km/h
Cruising speed: 285 km/h
Practical range: 964 km (with additional fuel tanks)
Duration: 5 h 4 min
Service ceiling: 5974 m
Static ceiling:
using the effect of the earth: 5060 m
without the use of ground effect: 3597 m
Rate of climb: 9.8 m/s
Disk load: 30,0 kg/m2
Thrust: amounting to 235.8 W/kg

Agusta AW109 for sale / Leonardo AW109 for sale – Get commercial proposal

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