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agusta aw101 for sale

Agusta AW101 for sale

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Agusta AW119 Kx for sale

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Agusta AW119 Ke for sale

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Agusta AW009 for sale

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Agusta A119 Koala for sale

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Agusta AW109 Trekker for sale

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Agusta AW109 Power for sale

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Agusta AW109 SP for sale

Agusta AW109 SP for sale

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agusta aw139 for sale

Agusta AW139 for sale

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agusta aw119 kx for sale

Agusta AW119 Kx for sale

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Agusta A109S Grand

Agusta A109S Grand for sale

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agusta aw149 for sale

Agusta AW149 for sale

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Agusta AW109 Grand New for sale

Agusta AW109 Grand New for sale

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Agusta AW169 for sale

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Agusta AW139 for sale

Agusta AW139 for sale

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agusta aw189 for sale

Agusta AW189 for sale

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Agusta AW101 for sale / Leonardo AW101 for sale

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2014 Agusta A119 Koala KX VIP 100 TT NEW
2011 Agusta A109E POWER Elite 690 TT
2005 Agusta A109E Power 450 TT
2003 Agusta A109E Power 1664 TT
2003 Agusta A109E Power 2000 TT
2012/13 Agusta AW109SP Grand New 240 TT
2007 Agusta A109S Grand 1677 TT
2012 Agusta AW139 780 TT Offshore

2014 PZL SW-4 Corporate 20 TT New
2012 PZL SW-4 Corporate 220 TT

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2014 Agusta A119 KX Koala
2009 Agusta A119 KE Koala
2014 Agusta AW109SP
2014 Agusta AW139 (Offshore or VIP)
2014 PZl SW-4
2014 PZL W3A Sokol
PZL Mi-2

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Agusta AW101 for sale / Leonardo AW101 for sale

AgustaWestland AW101 is a medium — lift helicopter used in both military and civilian purposes. Initially, the helicopter was developed jointly by Westland Helicopters (UK) and Agusta (Italy), or rather their joint venture EH Industries Limited (EHI), and had an index of the EH101. Later after the merger of developers and education AgustaWestland helicopter received a new designation AW101. In the armed forces of the UK, Denmark and Portugal, for the AgustaWestland AW101 is used as the name of Merlin. In the USA litsezionnyh version of the AW101 is designated VH-71 Kestrel.

For the first time the helicopter was in the air on 9 October 1987. In 1997 he was awarded the first contract for serial production of helicopters for the British army. Just the helicopter and its modifications were made in four countries of the UK, Italy, USA and Japan.

First Italy, and Britain, wanted to get the helicopter PLO for the deck replacement of the obsolete machines Agusta-Sikorsky AS-61. However, the Italian Navy were for him and other tasks.

Initially it was planned to buy 36 helicopters, the order is then reduced to 20 cars in four different versions with the possible delivery of another four. Italian cars AW101 differ from their British counterparts, primarily powered by two General Electric T700-GE-T6A1. Helicopters PLO have main landing gear with dual wheels and only two porthole on the left side unlike the three illuminators from Merlin HM.Mk 1.

Base version for the Italian AW101 helicopter became a variant of the MK 110, which is called version ASVW/E (PLO/SIC). These cars to fight underwater and surface ships serving in the 1st helicopter group located in luni/Sarzana near La Spezia, and on the number of ships of the Italian Navy. AW101 can be based on the aircraft carrier «Giuseppe Garibaldi» and «Conte di Cavour», the ship «Vittorio Veneto», the destroyers type «Luigi Durand-La Penne» and «Audace», frigates type «Maestral» and small landing ships of the type «San Giorgio».

Helicopters version ASVW/E has an Italian avionics, including a search radar Eliradar APS-784, complex ECM/RAP production company «Aeaea», processor hydroacoustic station Alenia AYK-204, as well as submersible GUS L-3 Communications HELRAS.

For tasks PLO AW101 armed with a torpedo Whitehead Moto Fides A244/S, and for surface targets he’s armed ASM MBDA Marte Mk 2/S. First start with this weapon AW101 held on 1 June 2004 in the district of Salto di Quirra.

The Italian helicopter prototype version ASVW/E under the designation PP6 first flew on 26 April 1999. on 4 October of the same year, first flew a production version of the Mk 110.

Initially the Italian Navy ordered 8 helicopters version ASVW/E, and later two more.

The first helicopter came in 2001 on the base Harriers for testing and evaluation before adoption. Ninth machine ASVW/E was set in 2009.

Having made the initial batch of eight cars in the basic version, the company «Agusta Westland» and the Navy switched to the version of the helicopter airborne early warning (AWACS/ AEW) with the trademark symbol AW101 Mk 112 and military — AW101 HEW.

HEW made on the basis of the fuselage and powerplant version ASVW/E, but instead of avionics PLO under the front part of the fuselage is radar Eliradar HEW-784. A three-meter diameter antenna HEW-784 significantly more than the radar APS-784 version ASVW/E, and its fairing the dimensions of the fuselage. On the sides of the fuselage appeared air intakes for ventilation and cooling of the new equipment.

Originally ordered four helicopters HEW with the possible delivery of two more cars. They began to enter the service of the carrier-based air groups in 2004. The helicopter ensures operational tracking of targets in the air and on surfaces in conditions of high interference. Along with the tasks AWACS it can perform over-the-horizon targeting for surface ships, and engage in search and rescue operations and surface warfare.

The following eight Italian AW101 built in transport version. The first four are marked AW101 MK, or AW101 UTY. This transport helicopters at the base of the fuselage of the MK series 400 with a thinner tail boom and the rear cargo ramp. In the starboard AW101 UTY has four portholes, and the left — five. In the starboard side also has a large sliding door.

A prototype military transport variant PP9, first flew on 16 January 1991. The first of the four Maritime helicopters transport version of Mk 410 soared in September 2003. Soon after, he was commissioned 1st helicopter air group. Option UTY can carry 30 soldiers seated or 45 standing. In the ambulance version, he takes on Board up to 16 wounded on stretchers. Over the door of the cabin there is a hoist for search and rescue operations.

The fourth helicopter UTY was leased to a firm Agusta Westland for the implementation of the programme VH-71 — new personal helicopter for the President of the United States, but this project was canceled. However, the helicopter was delivered to the U.S. for the development version of the VH-71 and familiarize crews and ground teams in flight centre PA-maxent river. Subsequently it was returned to the Italian Navy.

Unlike the first four pure transport helicopters for the Navy, the following four were transport and combat. These machines with the designation of the AW101 MK (or AW101 military ASH, helicopter support Marines) made on the basis of Mk 410, but have extensive avionics system to support landing operations. It includes a radar station with meteorological radar Selex Galileo APS-717 and block the IR review of the hemisphere in front of the forward fuselage of a new form, originally developed for the Mk version FT intended for export to Denmark. Other equipment includes a system of electronic warfare system and automatically follow the terrain Selex Communications.

Options UTY ASH and equipped with the same engines as the car versions ASVW/E and HEW, and have a folding tail beams and blades propellers for naval bases. Transport helicopters are mainly used to support marine corps and special forces, combat swimmers and saboteurs COMSUBIN and the recon company «Bafile» regiment «San Marco».

Now the helicopter AW101 is a major in the Italian Navy. The Italian air force also ordered 12 helicopters of this type (with the possible delivery of another three cars) to replace obsolete helicopters Agusta-Sikorsky HH-3F Pelican in service with 15 squadron. In peacetime, this part carries a search and rescue service, and in case of war would be to perform the same tasks in a combat situation.

Well-proven as the European helicopter Navy AgustaWestland AW101 (until June 2007 — EH101) in recent years began to actively learn services search and rescue. The first three countries where Merlin was employed in that capacity, became Canada, Denmark and Portugal. And one should not be surprised: the car turned out with a huge potential. In 1980-ies the helicopter is specially designed for use against submarines as a replacement for the Sea King helicopter and in the course of development connected to the airframe and undercarriage considerable number of technical innovations. AW101 can accommodate more than 30 people, you may carry out search and rescue operation at a distance of 450 nautical miles (approximately 830 km) from the base and meets the stringent requirements of search and rescue services. The size of the «101st» do not prevent to work with the goods: although the capacity of downstream 15 percent higher than that of the Sea King helicopter, «the donut effect» under the helicopter allows installers to work under hanging dishwasher without any problems.

On AW101 is a huge cargo door, and despite the teardrop lights, mounted in the front part of the fuselage (like the canadian version of the CH-149 Cormorant), it opens up to 2.5 m. Portuguese and Danish search and rescue helicopters (which do not have front teardrop-shaped lantern on the right side), the door is opened even wider, facilitating lifting of the stretcher.

Canadian CH-149 held its first working search and rescue operation July 28, 2002, when Cormorant carried out a medical evacuation from a trading vessel that is at a distance of 200 km from the coast. In Portugal, the Merlin helicopters were put into operation in 2006. Danish helicopter Merlin Joint Supporter took on its first takeoff for holding a working search and rescue operation on 22 March 2007, after it has received the message about the fire on the ferry, drifting in the sea between Denmark and Norway.

Danish helicopters Mk 512 SAR are the most advanced version of search and rescue Merlin helicopters, equipped with modern equipment and a cockpit. And although the Danish helicopters are military with military helicopters serial numbers, civilian search and rescue services are the helicopters of similar configuration. A distinctive feature of the Danish Church and helicopters is the shape of the nose. On the nose is an antenna for multimode search Telephonies RDR-1600 weather radar to warn of adverse weather conditions which includes ultra-short pulse mode to ensure accurate landing on ships or oil platforms at sea, as well as the laser system for preventing collisions with obstacles. Laser system for preventing collisions with obstacles scans the area in front of the helicopter in sight 40° x 30° in a radius of 50 to 2000 m, classifying as vertical obstacles (e.g. tree, pole or mast) or slow (bridge, building, or hall, or even wires that are hard to notice. The system shows the crew of the course angle and the time before the most significant obstacles, and also provides a synthetic video image of the detected obstacles. It is believed that the system is able to detect 99.5% of obstacles. It is equipped with an advanced threat warning system approach to earth (EGPWS) Honeywell Mk 22 and based collision warning system and alert air traffic (TCAS).

But that’s not all. Danish search and rescue helicopters Merlin tower equipped with a thermal imaging system FLIR Systems Star SAFIRE II, located under the nose of the helicopter. System management can be done from the cockpit or from the specialized operator search and rescue services in the passenger compartment. From here the crew can also control the helicopter radar and maintain radio contact with the relevant services. In the rear cabin area of medical care for victims, are equipped with a folding operating table and advanced medical equipment.

«Dane» is also equipped with a system of radio direction-finding Chelton — personal radar system. Such systems use an antenna with electronic control and can decode high-frequency signals of a Global warning system on disasters and Maritime security (GMDSS), as well as transmission systems in emergencies international COSPAS-SARSAT.

The helicopter is equipped with built-in GPS navigation system/inertial (EGI) system and homing in the frequency range VHF/UHF, as well as non-combat single-channel satellite system for automatic data transfer based on the Inmarsat (communication standard Aero-M satcom).

Since 1997, delivered more than 100 AW101 in and multipurpose military transport versions (UK, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Canada and Denmark).

Compared to the Cougar, NH90, S-92 and other helicopters of this class AW101 has a number of advantages: high survivability of the fuselage (resistance to combat and operational damage), control of vibration, reduced noise, wide application range (-40 °C to +50 °C) and resistance to shock with a vertical speed of 10 m/s. The equipment allows to perform a flight crew member (large displays, digital map, perspective avionics, omit the sonar). The flight range is 1583 km, cruising speed of 280 km/h.

All major search and rescue helicopters, competing at the present time for receiving orders, AW101 boasts the greatest range, the largest cabin, and his third engine and modern navigation equipment can provide you with the ability to work in adverse weather conditions. Merlin wins in one competition after the other, including competition for SAR-H in the UK, and successfully bypasses helicopters S-92 and EC 225. He has confirmed compliance with the requirements of search and rescue services in Iceland, Ireland and Norway.

Once the Russian-built helicopters have thoroughly worked similar class helicopters. Mi-8 and its modifications (including storm seas Mi-14) were much more prominent response in the last 40 years, all promising applications. But the joint effort of Italian and British engineers demonstrates that the development and refinement of even a very good car — it is a continuous process. And in order to compete in such a niche, one low price is not enough — you need to have a distinct advantage.

Deck multi-purpose helicopter EH-101 Merlin was designed to address different transportation tasks, exploration and destruction of sea targets. A consortium of European Helicopter Industries was established in June 1980 year the Italian company Agusta and Westland British “for collaborative design, production and sale of improved military EH-101 Merlin helicopter. Vintokrylaja machine for the first time rose into the sky October 9, 1987 year. In 1997, the company received a contract for serial production of helicopters for the British armed forces. In June 2007 the year name multipurpose helicopter EH101 has been replaced by the AW101 (AgustaWestland).

Initially, the helicopter was built for the needs of fleets of England and Italy. Initially it was designed as a marine helicopter deck modifications depending on country of destination different equipment. The data could be used for both helicopters separate anti-ship and anti-submarine operations from the deck of the destroyer when swell to 6 points and to conduct search and rescue operations for RAP and exploration. Maximum time anti-submarine operations or patrols of up to 5:00.

Military transport and multipurpose helicopters EH-101 Merlin was designed to transport 30 paratroopers at a distance of 370 km, or transport in the cockpit of various military equipment weighing up to 1.5 tons. The helicopter could transport by air car-SUV “Lendrover” in the rear part of the machine had a cargo door, equipped with a descending ramp. It was also possible to use a helicopter ambulance version. As such, the helicopter can carry up to 16 of the wounded on stretchers. Ferry range machine with additional fuel tanks was 850 miles away.

Back in the year 1977 Defense of Great Britain completed the review of the draft of the new protivovolodochnogo helicopter deck for the needs of the fleet, which was to replace the Sea King helicopters. In 1978 the year the decision was made to start the work on the establishment of a transport helicopter project-based trehdvigatel’nogo WG. 34 company Westland. At the same time, the Italian Navy explored possible requirements to the new ground and helicopter anti-submarine carrier. In 1980 year company Westland and Agusta formed a single consortium called Europian Helicopter Industries (EHI) to work together to establish a helicopter-based helicopter EH-101 Merlin based on WG. 34 and Italian transport helicopter Agusta A trehdvigatel’nogo. 101 g.

In June 1981 the year the Governments of Italy and Britain have agreed to jointly work towards a helicopter EH-101 by scheduling the construction of 9 experienced machines to conduct flight tests and another helicopter-for static tests. Version of the helicopter for the needs of the fleets of both countries is being developed jointly. The British company Westland was responsible for the creation of a civilian version of the helicopter, an Italian company Agusta-for the creation of a multipurpose helicopter. A contract to create a version of the helicopter fleet was signed in March 1984 year, management of the programme was entrusted to the British Ministry of Defense.

EH-101 helicopter/AW101 Merlin designed as usual with pjatilopastnym airscrew and chetyrehlopastnym Steering propellers, as well as with trehdvigatel’noj power unit and retractable in flight trehstoechnym wheeled chassis with front rack. In the design of the fuselage of the helicopter and all machines in General, very widely used composite materials. For all 3 variants of the helicopter (deck-landing and passenger) were created uniform metal front and central part of the fuselage. The rear part of the fuselage of the helicopter in a performance troop was equipped with a cargo door and ramp for loading and unloading of bulk cargoes or wheeled vehicles, and the tail boom of the helicopter version of ASW was performed by folding.

In the front part of the fuselage was flight deck, which is a double standard, but in the anti-submarine version of the cockpit provides additional space for the observer and operator of weapons systems. Members of the helicopter crew are placed on special energy-absorbing seats, which are designed for committing harsh crash landing with vertical speeds of up to 6.6 m/c. equipment installed in the cockpit, to a large extent depends on the helicopter. All versions to display all the necessary navigation and flight information are widely applied multifunctional color displays.

Helicopter EH-101 Merlin is equipped with wheeled chassis trehstoechnym, broad gauge. Landing gear of the helicopter equipped with cushioning devices that deliver impact energy absorption in cases of a hard landing with a vertical speed of up to 5.5 m/c without deformation of the chassis design.

Powerplant helicopter includes 3 turboshaft engine. The option of using the 3 powerplant’s engines was selected to ensure greater safety as well as improving the efficiency of the machine. In addition, with the 3-ring Motors EH-101 Merlin can continue to vertical take-off at normal takeoff weight even in case of failure of one of three engines. The British anti-submarine helicopters mounted engines RTM 322-01 joint development companies Turbomeca and Rolls-Royce (1560 takeoff power kW), Italian anti-submarine helicopters mounted engines T700-GE-T6A manufacturing American company General ELectric (takeoff power 1300 kW).

Passenger propulsion and landing helicopters engines apply ST7-6a General Electric Company’s possessing the takeoff power in 1430 kW. In vnutrifjuzeljazhnyh the helicopter tanks stored fuel capacity weight 3437 litres. To reduce fire hazard powerplant helicopter between engines mounted protective titanium septum. Manage engines is carried out by means of electronic control systems, which duplicated the mechanical backup.

Rotor EH-101 Merlin has five lobes, which are made of carbon fibre and are attached to the hub by using elastomeric bearings. The rotor blades are vesloobraznye endings, which improve their aerodynamic characteristics.

When the rotor blades of the helicopter in anti-submarine Variant can be folded back. The helicopter’s tail rotor chetyrehlopastnyj, its blades are also made from composite materials. To use a helicopter in conditions of the North Atlantic on the blades on both propellers, tail, fenders, engines as well as cockpit glazing mounted de-icing system. For the implementation of the multi-purpose helicopter transportation of cargo trucks can be equipped with a rope, which is designed to force up to 5445 kg.

The standard armament of the helicopter is installed only on the anti-submarine version. The helicopter can be placed 4 anti-submarine torpedoes Mk. 46, 4 depth bombs or MK 54 as well as 2 anti-ship guided missiles “Sea Eagle”. To use the helicopter equipped with weapons review “Blue Kestrel RADAR, as well as movable lighting hydroacoustic station with a length of 450 metres cable gidrofonnogo. The helicopter can also use radioakusticheskie buoys equipped with acoustic information processing system.

Very well suited to the role of the helicopter of European naval forces, helicopter AgustaWestland AW101 (until June 2007 year called EH101) in recent years begins to actively apply in different countries search and rescue services. The first three States in which the “Merlin” was adopted for service in this role became Canada, Portugal and Denmark. Surprised this isn’t worth it: helicopter has impressive potential. In 1980-IES, specifically creating to combat submarines and ships as a replacement for the Sea King helicopter, helicopter design progresses combines design running gear and glider large number of technical innovations.

Agusta AW101 / Leonardo AW101 helicopter can carry more than 30 people, to carry out search and rescue operations at a distance of up to 450 nautical miles (830 kilometers) from locations and meets the most stringent requirements of search and rescue services. Dimensions of the helicopter did not prevent him to work with a variety of goods: although power downstream at 15% higher than that of the Sea King helicopter, but “donut” effect under the AW101 allows installers to work under hanging helicopter without experiencing any problems.

A helicopter EH-101/AW101 Merlin installed a very large cargo door, which, in spite of the teardrop-shaped lamps, installed in the front part of the fuselage, can momentarily swing open at 2.5 m To Danish and Portuguese search-and-rescue helicopter, which have no tear-shaped lantern on a starboard hatch can be opened even wider, making it easier to lift a stretcher on board the helicopter. Since 1997 the year in Great Britain, Italy, Canada, Portugal, Denmark and Japan were delivered more than 100 helicopters EH-101/AW101 Merlin military transport and multipurpose variants.

Flight characteristics of EH-101/AW101 Merlin:


Crew: 1-2 people (+2 operators have anti-submarine variants)
Passenger capacity: 30 troops or 16 wounded on stretchers
Length: 22.8 m
Fuselage length: 19,53 m
Main rotor diameter: 18,59 m
The tail rotor diameter: 4,01 m
Maximum fuselage width: 2.8 m (without sponsons)
Height: 6,62 m (with tail rotor)
The area of the swept rotor: 271,51 m2
Base chassis: 6,98 m
Wheel track: 4.55 m
Empty weight: 10 500 kg
Normal takeoff weight: 14 600 kg
Maximum takeoff weight: 15 600 kg
The payload mass on the suspension: 5 443 kg
The mass of fuel in an internal tanks: 3 406 kg
Powerplant: 3 × turboshaft Rolls-Royce Turbomeca RTM322-01/08
Engine power: 3 × 2 100 HP (3 × 1 566 kW (takeoff))
The size of the cargo compartment

Length: 7.09 m
Width: 2,49 m
Useful volume: 29,0 m2
Flight characteristics

Maximum speed: 309 km/h
Cruising speed: 278 km/h
Practical range: 1 129 km
Duration: 5 hours
Service ceiling: 4 575 m
Static ceiling:
using the effect of the earth: 2 225 m
without the use of ground effect: 1 128 m
Rate of climb: 10.2 m/s
Disk load: 53,8 kg/m2
Thrust: 284,9 W/kg
Maximum operating overload: + 3 g


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